Osteopathy appointments for Temporomandibular joint disorders in Sintra & Mação

Do you want to be able to eat, talk and laugh at your ease, without pain and without fear?

Osteopathy appointments for Temporomandibular joint disorders in Sintra & Cascais

Do you want to be able to eat, talk and laugh at your ease, without pain and without fear?

Eating is torture for you, because of the pain of chewing?

Do you feel like your mouth is crooked when you talk?

Are you afraid to laugh or yawn in public, afraid your jaw will come out of place?

Problems in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) are more frequent than you might think, and very little taken into consideration by most people, first because for many years the symptoms are usually mild, and then because some of these issues are not taken seriously when people ask for help, or are only treated with pain medication.

These problems can turn into a real nightmare, and if they are not resolved in time, the joint will become more and more damaged, and the symptoms will become more and more severe.

The good news is that in Osteopathy, these issues can be resolved. And you can regain the pleasure of eating without pain, being able to talk and laugh without fear that something strange will happen. You will also have a decrease in headaches and earaches.

The Temporo Mandibular Joint joins the mandible (maxillary) to the skull and allows us to chew and speak.

The most frequent causes of TMJ problems are:

  • Traumas such as falls or accidents that cause cervical whiplash;
  • Bad posture;
  • Use of dental braces;
  • Excessive continuous chewing (eg chewing gum);
  • Stress and anxiety (causes excessive tension in the jaw);
  • Nail biting;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


  • Jaw gets out of its place
  • Jaw pops or makes noises (click)
  • Bruxism (Gritting the teeth)
  • Pain when chewing
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Headache (Related to chewing)
  • Earache
  • Face pain
  • Difficulty opening your mouth
  • Alteration of dental occlusion (When with the mouth closed, the alignment of the upper teeth is not the same as the alignment of the lower teeth)


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Cláudio Miguel Pestana

My name is Cláudio Miguel Pestana. I am Certified Osteopath (C-0031181).

Osteopathy is for me much more than a profession, it is really what makes me happy and completed my life. Having the honor of being able to treat people, promoting a healthier and pain-free life, is an incredibly gratifying feeling. I can not imagine doing anything else, and I’m grateful every day for being able to practice Osteopathy.

My goal as an Osteopath is to be in constant adaptation, updating and evolution. Improving my knowledge to provide the best and most complete treatment to each client. Thus, I have taken several complementary courses, to specialize myself more and more in areas such as Sports Osteopathy, Pediatric Osteopathy and Obstetric Osteopathy.

Alexandra Torres
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Fui a uma consulta com o meu filho com 19 meses e gostámos muito do atendimento, da paciência com um bebé irrequieto e com o profissionalismo! Recomendo com certeza!
Allan França
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Ambiente muito agradável e profissional muito bem qualificado e excelente tecnicamente. Tive ótimos resultados a curto prazo. Recomendo e voltaria certamente.
Joaquim Sousa
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Penso que é uma pessoa com bastante conhecimento na sua área. Simpático e atencioso.
Ana Mafalda Silva
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Excelente profissional, óptimos resultados. Recomendo!
André Teixeira
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A minha consulta correu muito bem, o Cláudio tem muito conhecimento de osteopatia, sinto que teve resultados a minha consulta, recomendo porque é um profissional exemplar, com certeza vou voltar!