Sports Osteopathy appointments in Sintra, & Cascais

The pain you feel stop you from training? Sports osteopathy is the solution for you

Sports Osteopathy appointments in Sintra & Cascais

The pain you feel stop you from training? Sports osteopathy is the solution for you

Did you stop training because the pain is unbearable?

Do you feel limited in some movements?

Do you want to have a 100% functional body, without pain and know what to do to avoid injuries?

I’ve been training almost every day since I was 18 years old, and I know how frustrating it is to stop training, and how confusing it can be not knowing what we can and can’t do.

When we push the muscle to the limit, we suffer an injury, the muscle defends itself and becomes tense, when after that we cause more stress on the muscle, the injury aggravates. The truth is that an issue that is simple to deal with, when ignored or unresolved, can lead to very serious and difficult-to-treat injuries, some with lifelong consequences.

Every day, people with limited mobility or chronic pain from old injuries come to my office.

Intensity/effort, excessive load, training without warm-up, poorly executed exercises, or even the repetition of movements characteristic of the sport we practice, as in  tennis, horseback riding, golf, etc., are some of the causes of these injuries.

In the sports osteopathy appointment, in addition to the treatment, you get a better understanding of how your body works and how you can avoid injuries. Recommendations are also made for what you should, can and cannot do. This complete treatment guarantees 50% faster recovery and without the danger of aggravating the injury.

When we know our body, we have a great advantage, especially if we practice sports regularly. Understanding how it works, its dynamics, and being able to foresee our limitations, to avoid and/or not aggravate the injury, is the way to have a functional body and to evolve in a constant, balanced and knowledgeable way.


  • Tendonitis;
  • Bursitis;
  • Contracture;
  • Cervicobrachial neuralgia;
  • Sprains;
  • Psoas iliac hypertonicity;
  • Joint pain;
  • Muscular Pain/tension:
    • Cervicalgia (Cervical Pain);
    • Pubalgia (groin and pubic area pain);
    • Dorsalgia (Back Pain);
    • Low back pain (Back pain – low back pain);
    • Pain in the trapezius;
    • Neck pain/tension;
    • Shoulder pain;
    • Pain in arms;
    • Knee Pain;
    • Calf pain;
  • Pains in the hands;
  • Elbow pain (tennis or golf elbow);
  • Finger pain;
  • Foot pain;
  • Sacrum Pain;
  • Sciatic nerve pain;
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (arm pain, loss of strength, mobility and tingling);
  • Muscle Injuries;
  • Muscle strains;
  • Subluxations;


Comfortable, pleasant and modern spaces;

Simple forms of payment, MBWAY, ATM or cash;


Cláudio Miguel Pestana

My name is Cláudio Miguel Pestana. I am Certified Osteopath (C-0031181).

Osteopathy is for me much more than a profession, it is really what makes me happy and completed my life. Having the honor of being able to treat people, promoting a healthier and pain-free life, is an incredibly gratifying feeling. I can not imagine doing anything else, and I’m grateful every day for being able to practice Osteopathy.

My goal as an Osteopath is to be in constant adaptation, updating and evolution. Improving my knowledge to provide the best and most complete treatment to each client. Thus, I have taken several complementary courses, to specialize myself more and more in areas such as Sports Osteopathy, Pediatric Osteopathy and Obstetric Osteopathy.

Alexandra Torres
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Fui a uma consulta com o meu filho com 19 meses e gostámos muito do atendimento, da paciência com um bebé irrequieto e com o profissionalismo! Recomendo com certeza!
Allan França
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Ambiente muito agradável e profissional muito bem qualificado e excelente tecnicamente. Tive ótimos resultados a curto prazo. Recomendo e voltaria certamente.
Joaquim Sousa
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Penso que é uma pessoa com bastante conhecimento na sua área. Simpático e atencioso.
Ana Mafalda Silva
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Excelente profissional, óptimos resultados. Recomendo!
André Teixeira
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A minha consulta correu muito bem, o Cláudio tem muito conhecimento de osteopatia, sinto que teve resultados a minha consulta, recomendo porque é um profissional exemplar, com certeza vou voltar!